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The Clockwork Rocket

The Clockwork Rocket

Orthogonal, Book 1

Trade Paperback - $14.99
Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's

ISBN: 978-1-59780-292-5
Published: 01/01/2012

Hardcover - $24.99
Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's

ISBN: 9781597802277
Published: 07/01/2011

Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's, or Baen

ISBN: 9781597803519
Published: 07/01/2011

In Yalda’s universe, light has no universal speed and its creation generates energy.

On Yalda’s world, plants make food by emitting their own light into the dark night sky.

As a child Yalda witnesses one of a series of strange meteors, the Hurtlers, that is entering the planetary system at an immense, unprecedented speed. It becomes apparent that her world is in imminent danger—and that the task of dealing with the Hurtlers will require knowledge and technology far beyond anything her civilization has yet achieved.

Only one solution seems tenable: if a spacecraft can be sent on a journey at sufficiently high speed, its trip will last many generations for those on board, but it will return after just a few years have passed at home. The travelers will have a chance to discover the science their planet urgently needs, and bring it back in time to avert disaster.

Orthogonal is the story of Yalda and her descendants, trying to survive the perils of their long mission and carve out meaningful lives for themselves, while the threat of annihilation hangs over the world they left behind.

“Both beautifully written and relentlessly intelligent, Zendegi is like a marvelous, precision-engineered watch. It never sacrifices its thematic content to its science, or its richly drawn characters to either, but enmeshes them fully, treating them as the deeply interconnected pieces of the human experience that they are.”
— io9.com

“Egan creates a thought-provoking, intensely personal story about conflicting instincts and desires as technology recapitulates humanity.”
— Publishers Weekly

“[Egan] reveals wonders with an artistry to equal his audacity”
— The New York Review of Science Fiction

“Wonderful, mind expanding stuff...”
— The Guardian

“No writer takes ideas as far or presents them so convincingly”
— Kirkus Reviews

“You can’t get much better than Greg Egan”
— The San Diego Union Tribune