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The Constantine Affliction

The Constantine Affliction

A Pimm and Skye Adventure

Trade Paperback - $14.99
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ISBN: 9781597805001
Published: 07/02/2013

Hardcover - $26.99
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ISBN: 9781597804004
Published: 8/7/2012

Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's, or Baen

ISBN: 9781597804257
Published: 8/7/2012

A cracking good tale of mad science, monsters… and murder most Victorian!

London is a city in transition.

The Constantine Affliction—a strange malady that kills some of its victims and physically transforms others into the opposite sex—
has spread scandal and upheaval throughout society. Scientific marvels and disasters, such as clockwork courtesans, the alchemical fires of Whitechapel, electric carriages, and acidic monsters lurking in the Thames, have forever altered the face of the city.

Pembroke “Pimm” Halliday is an aristocrat with an interest in criminology, who uses his keen powers of observation to assist the police or private individuals—at least when he’s sober enough to do so. Ellie Skyler, who hides her gender behind the byline “E. Skye,” is an intrepid journalist driven by both passion and necessity to uncover the truth, no matter where it hides.

When Pimm and Skye stumble onto a dark plot that links the city’s most notorious criminal overlord with the Queen’s new consort, famed scientist Sir Bertram Oswald, they soon find the forces of both high and low society arrayed against them. Can they save the city from the arcane machinations of one of history’s most infamous monsters—and uncover the shocking origin of… The Constantine Affliction?

“A unique and wonderfully sinister steampunk mystery.” —G. D. Falksen, author of The Hellfire Chronicles

“Rich with clever biological speculations, especially concerning matters of gender and humanity, this novel calls for a sequel as fast as Payton can manage.”
—Paul Di Filippo, co-author of SCIENCE FICTION: THE 101 BEST NOVELS 1985-2010

“The Constantine Affliction is a compulsive read. Filled with rich, quirky characters... on a wild ride through an “afflicted” London that is stalked by a creepy murderer you won’t soon forget. This steampunk tale has a satisfying end…that begs for more chapters.”
—Jean Rabe, USA Today bestselling fantasy author

“A hugely inventive, fast-paced adventure with an ingenious plot and imaginative, compelling characters. One of the best and most original books I’ve read in some time.”
—Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of Empire in Black and Gold

“The Constantine Affliction takes the Victorian detective story and infuses it with steampunk and mad science, and offbeat social commentary. It is funny, gruesome, a little bawdy, thoughtful, and always wildly entertaining. It’s as if Wilkie Collins and Mary Shelley had a child who was locked in an asylum for many years, but has now escaped!”
—Clay & Susan Griffith, authors of The Vampire Empire series

“Fun and funny, Payton’s alt-London mystery takes 2 oz. of rum and blends Sherlock Holmes, Lovecraft, and Frankenstein; shaken vigorously, and strained over wry likable characters, it’s a playful whimsical romp through dark places.”
—Anthony Huso, author of The Last Page

“Clockwork prostitutes, gender swapping and conspiracies—oh my! A fantastical romp through a steampunk Victorian world, The Constantine Affliction will challenge your thoughts on how men and women think and if there’s really a difference between the sexes.”
—Sheryl Nantus, author of Heroes Without, Monsters Within