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The Dream of X and Other Fantastic Visions

The Dream of X and Other Fantastic Visions

William Hope Hodgson, Vol. 5

Hardcover - $35.00
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ISBN: 9781892389435
Published: 01/01/2009

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ISBN: 9781597803717
Published: 01/01/2009

* Introduction by Ross E. Lockhart

Fantastic Visions

* The Valley of Lost Children

* Date 1965: Modern Warfare

* My House Shall Be Called the House of Prayer

* Judge Barclay’s Wife

* The Getting Even of Tommy Dodd

* Sea Horses

* How the Honourable Billy Darrell Raised the Wind

* The Getting Even of ‘Parson’ Guyles

* The Friendship of Monsieur Jeynois

* The Inn of the Black Crow

* What Happened in the Thunderbolt

* How Sir Jerrold Treyn Dealt with the Dutch in Caunston Cove

* Jem Binney and the Safe at Lockwood


* Diamond Cut Diamond with a Vengeance

* Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani

* The Room of Fear

* The Promise

* Captain Dang

* Captain Dan Danblasten

Copyright Versions

* The Ghost Pirates

* Carnacki, the Ghost Finder

* The Dream of X

* Senator Sandy Mac Ghee

* The Last Word in Mysteries

* The Dumpley Acrostics

Alternate Versions

* An Adventure of the Deep Waters

* Captain Gunbolt Charity and the Painted Lady

* The Storm

* The Crew of the Lancing Counterfeits

* The Raft

* R.M.S. “Empress of Australia”