Teppo, Mark - Lightbreaker

Size: 384 Pages

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Markham has returned to Seattle, searching for Katarina, the girl who, a decade ago, touched his soul, literally tearing it from his body. But what he discovers upon arriving is dark magick... of a most ancient and destructive kind.

An encounter with a desperate spirit, leaping destructively from host to host, sets Markham on the trail of secretive cabal of magicians seeking to punch a hole through heaven, extinguishing forever the divine spark. Armed with the Chorus, a phantasmal chain of human souls he wields as a weapon of will, Markham must engage in a magickal battle with earth-shattering stakes.

Markham must delve deep into his past, calling on every aspect of his occult training for there to be any hope of a future. But delve he must, for Markham is a veneficus, a spirit thief, the Lightbreaker...

From newcomer Mark Teppo comes Lightbreaker, an explosive, action-packed occult thriller combining Western magick, Hermetic traditions, and shamanism.

Beyond good... beyond evil... Lightbreaker.

"Grim and refined, Teppo's aggressive near-noir is rich and strange -- heavily and deftly textured. It's got a punch that'll leave you rattled, intrigued, and tasting blood."
-- Cherie Priest, author of Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Not Flesh Nor Feathers

"Lightbreaker is a damn good book. It throws some new curves into the Urban Fantasy ride. I think you've got a big, fat hit in your hands."
-- Kat Richardson, author of Greywalker

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Mass Market Paperback 978-1-59780-138-6
384 Pages $7.99
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