Aguirre, Forrest - Leviathan 4

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Following up on the World Fantasy Award-winning Leviathan 3, Leviathan 4 is a Baedeker of the fantastical, exploring the character of cities and the city as character, mapping the streets of the imagination. This fourth volume of the Leviathan series takes the reader to a variety of cities in all their splendor and decadence. Explore the streets of the imagination, wander the byways, and hear the stories of these fantastical foci with such authors as Philip K. Dick Award winner Stepan Chapman, International Horror Guild Award Winner Michael Cisco, and The Etched City author K J Bishop.

What others have said about previous volumes in the Leviathan series:

"Literary decadence is the credo of Leviathan: elaborately languorous prose, ambitious and sometimes esoteric symbolism, flamboyant grotesquerie, the sensibility of the sophisticatedly jaded aesthete. This is a recipe for fine, unusual writing, for startlingly unconventional textual effects; Leviathan . . . is a feast for palates this way inclined . . . Decadent fantasy has rarely had this attractive and substantial a vehicle." -- Nick Gevers, Locus

". . . The variety and ambition of this compilation mandates that lovers of speculative fiction consider it for their own self-defined libraries." -- Publishers Weekly


Michael Cisco, "The City of God"
Ben Peek, "The Dreaming City"
Jay Lake, "The Soul Bottles"
Catherine Kasper, "Encyclopedia of Ubar"
Allan Kausch, "Mimosa in Heligola"
K J Bishop, "We the Enclosed"
Stepan Chapman, "The Revenge of the Calico Cat"
Darla Beasley, "The City of Lost Languages"
Ursula Pflug, "The Wizard of Wardenclyffe"
Tim Jarvis, "The Imaginary Anatomy of a Horse"

The limited edition is limited to 100 copies, will be signed by all contributors.

Jacket by Myrtle Vondamitz III.

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Limited Edition 978-1-892389-79-4
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