Pratt, Tim - Hart & Boot & Other Stories

Size: 200 pages

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A new collection from the author of The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl and Little Gods. The title story, "Hart & Boot" was selected for Best American Short Stories 2005 by Michael Chabon and "Impossible Dreams" was the recipient of the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Short Story. Weird, magical and urban.


* Hart & Boot
* Life in Stone
* Cup and Table
* In a Glass Casket
* Terrible Ones
* Romanticore
* Living with the Harpy
* Komodo (original)
* Bottom Feeding
* The Tyrant in Love
* Impossible Dreams (original)
* Lachrymose and the Golden Egg
* Dream Engine (original)
* Story Notes

Cover illustration by Richard Marchand.

Trade Paperback 978-1-59780-053-2
200 Pages $14.95
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