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Sheri S. Tepper meets Neal Stephenson in this feminist-cyberpunk thriller by Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author Tricia Sullivan.

In a mall, a gang of teenage girls is caught in a maelstrom of violence and shopping. But it's not only their own lives they will have to fight for - it's that of a man trapped in another world, with very different enemies; a man they haven't met, but who could change the future of the human race.

"...guaranteed to either grab your attention in a death-grip, or send you fleeing with your tail between your legs. If you enjoy the sort of book that will tie your mind up in knots, whilst presenting you with a stylish vision of a future gone quite, quite mad, then Maul is definitely a book you ought to try." - The Alien Online

"All the elements of this novel work very hard all the time, carrying not only a complex plot and fascinating ideas about microbiology, but a heavy satirical charge aimed at contemporary culture and also at SF itself. That it manages so well and is so entertaining is testament to Sullivan's skill and intelligence. I haven't enjoyed a book so much in a long time." - Justina Robson

"Two stories unfold in parallel in this fast and furious blend of gender issues and balls-out action. Maul is a thoroughly enjoyable, well-written novel that stares hard down the barrel of sexual politics and happily sticks its finger in the muzzle." - infinity plus

"As winningly satirical as it is inspiring, Sullivan's intelligent and erudite novel doesn't miss a trick with literary references and sexually resonant imagery" - Zone SF

"This is the new face of Feminist SF... Maul is most definitely a book that makes you think." - Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

"Sullivan's book is well-told and punchy, very readable, with some nicely ingenious ideas; Maul, in fact, reads rather like a high-feminist masterpiece from the 1970s, a Joanna Russ or Marge Piercy book out of its time; which is pretty high praise." - Adam Roberts, infinity plus

"Sullivan's near-future fascinates... [a] very satisfying read." - Booklist

"Sullivan neatly threads two seemingly unrelated coming-of-age stories together... in this fantasy that evenhandedly explores gender issues.... With an eye on scientific ethics and teenage codes, Sullivan invests her high-risk narratives with relevant discourses on the power of sex, just and unjust authority, when to rebel and when to cooperate." - Publishers Weekly

"One of the finest new talents in the field" - David Brin

"A challenging, disturbing, often compulsive read" - Time Out

"Painfully gripping throughout" - The Times

Cover by J.K. Potter.

Trade Paperback 978-1-59780-037-2
282 Pages $14.95
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