Banks, Iain M. - The State of the Art

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Iain M. Banks' only short-story collection, never before published in the US.


* Road of Skulls
* A Gift from the Culture
* Odd Attachment
* Descendant
* Cleaning Up
* Piece
* The State of the Art
* Scratch
* A Few Notes On the Culture

The limited edition contains material not in the trade edition, and is signed by Iain M. Banks. Limited to 150 copies.

"Banks is a phenomenon: The wildly successful, fearlessly creative author of brilliant and disturbing non-genre novels, he's equally at home writing pure science fiction of peculiarly gnarly energy and elegance"
-- William Gibson

Cover illustration by Les Edwards.

Trade Paperback 978-1-59780-074-7
188 Pages $14.95
- Sold Out

Hardcover 978-1-892389-38-1
188 Pages $25.00

Limited Edition 978-1-892389-99-2
200 Pages $45.00
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