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The Continuity: Annotated Bibliography by Lavie Tidhar

Since 2003 or thereabouts I have been quietly working on a science fictional universe shared amongst my short stories – a “future history”, to use Heinlein’s term. When Jonathan Strahan asked me to write a short introduction to “The Memcordist”, to explain how it related to the other stories, I realised that I had never […]

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The Memcordist by Lavie Tidhar

Illustration for The Memcordist by Lavie Tidhar

Polyphemus Port, Titan, Year Forty-Three Beyond the dome the ice-storms of Titan rage; inside it is warm, damp, with the smell of sewage seeping through and creepers growing through the walls of the above-ground dwellings. He tries to find her scent in the streets of Polyport and fails. Hers was the scent of basil, and […]

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Editorial: December 2012

With the holiday season getting ready to move into full swing, two exciting new stories make up the third month of Eclipse Online, and the end of our first calendar year (sort of) of bringing you the very best in short fiction. This month opens with a novelette by the fabulous Christopher Barzak, “Invisble Men”, […]

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Firebugs by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

 “Esta, can you explain why you set that bush on fire?” Creche Mother Makis asked us.  Two of her sibs flanked her on the judgment bench.  All three stared at us, their faces expressionless, identical.  Hawk noses, narrow mouths, deep-set eyes under heavy brows, their hair hidden under the white hoods of their judgment robes. […]

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Holmes Sherlock: A Hwarhath Mystery by Eleanor Arnason

There was a woman who fell in love with the stories about a human male named Holmes Sherlock. Her name was Amadi Kla, and she came from a town on the northeast coast of the Great Northern Continent. It became obvious, when she was a child, that she was gifted at learning. Her family sent […]

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Editorial: November 2012

Science fiction. What could be more science fictional, more part of engaging with the future than writing this editorial to accompany the second month of Eclipse Online on a shiny tablet while sitting in a plane 38,000 feet above Northern Africa while flying directly into the path of a superstorm less than a month after […]

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One Little Room an Everywhere, K.J. Parker

Illustration by Kathleen Jennings

“Well now,” he said, giving me a sad smile. “What on earth are we going to do with you?” A valid question, to which I’ve never been able to think of an answer. “I thought,” I lied, “maybe teaching?” He shook his head slowly. “I wouldn’t, if I were you,” he said. “It takes a […]

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The Contrary Gardener by Christopher Rowe

Illustration for The Contrary Gardner by Kathleen Jennings

Kay Lynne wandered up and down the aisles of the seed library dug out beneath the county extension office. Some of the rows were marked with glowing orange off-limits fungus, warning the unwary away from spores and thistles that required special equipment to handle, which Kay Lynne didn’t have, and special permission to access, which […]

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Editorial, or Once More into the Future!

Five years. It passes in a flash. Five years ago, in the middle of Western Australia’s mild July winter, I sat down to write an introduction for the first volume of the Eclipse anthology series. It started what has proven to be one of the richest and most exciting editorial experiences of my career. Why? […]

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Announcing our Eclipse October Schedule!

Coming Monday October 8th, “The Contrary Gardener” by the fantastic Christopher Rowe. Christopher Rowe has published more than twenty short stories, and been a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Theodore Sturgeon Awards. His work has been frequently reprinted, translated into a half-dozen languages around the world, and praised by the New York Times […]

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